CHC Full Ice Mite League

CHC is hosting 6 sessions of full ice hockey for kids in the 2015 class. We are looking to have teams play together or if you register as an individual we will work with coaches to place your child on a team. Sessions will begin on Jan 19th at Newington Rink, Jan 21st at Simsbury and Jan 21st at Northford Rink.

Our 1st session is a training session and we will have coaches work with players and goalies to get a better feel for the full ice game. This offering is for u-8 2015 players who are not playing at the u-10 level. We encourage coaches to participate to help in the development of our young hockey players. Teams can sign up at $750 per team or individually at $75 per player. Check the rink schedules and we will work to have everyone develop through this program. Thank you for your time and good luck.

An entire team can register or individual players can register. Players will be assigned to a team prior to the start of the season. The entire schedule will be posted after the registration deadline.

Team Registration $750

Player Registration $75

Registration closes on January 15th.

We encourage all coaches and volunteers to assist with this endeavor.

8U Full ice (must be 2015 kids only)

1st session is training.
Kids not on teams will be put on teams after 1st training session
Refereeing to start 2nd week
Scores,penalties will be kept from 3rd week on.

1. Ice allotments to start 1/19 Newington and 1/21 Northford Rinks (other rinks haven’t confirmed

2. Cost per child $75 goes to ice cost and referee training

3. Goalie training for kids going into full ice.

4. Jan 20th goalie session at Newington

5. CT crease to have session as well date TBD

6. Set up online registration similar to NE Development Camps

7. CHC will pick up ice costs above and beyond

8. Dates will be posted on CHC website forth coming

Newington Starts Jan 19th 7:10 p to 8:10p , Jan 26th 7:10p, Jan 27th 7:10p Feb 9th 7:10p Feb 16th 7:10p Feb 18th 1:10p

Northford Jan 21st 6:15 to 8:15p Jan 28th 6:15 to 7:15 Feb 4th 6:15p to 7:15

Feb 11th 6:15 to 7:15p Feb 18th 6:15 to 7:15p Feb 25th 6:15 to 7:15

Simsbury Jan 21st 9:10a -11:20a Jan 28th 4:10p to 6:20p Feb 4th 9:10 to 11:20a

Feb 11th 3:40p to 5:50p

Feb 18 no ice

Feb 25th 9:10a to 11:20a

Mar 3rd 2:20p to 3:20p

This keeps the programs together and allows for a transition into full ice for the 2024-25 season