The Connecticut Hockey Conference is the governing body for USA Hockey in Connecticut
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1. The Coach downloads the Petition for Waiver Form from the website,  Click on “Coaches” and then on “Coaching Certification.” May also be found at in the “Documents” section.
2. The Petition for Waiver form must be filled out completely. Attaching a resume is recommended for processing of the waiver. The $50 must also be included for a waiver to begin the review process.
3. Together, the Director of the Coaching Education Program and the District Coach-In-Chief will review the background information and determine if the coach meets the waiver criteria.  If the coach does not satisfy the criteria for waiver, the National Office will contact the coach and explain how he did not meet specific criteria.
If the coach satisfies the waiver criteria the National Office will send notification of the accepted waiver along with appropriate card and sticker for the certification level the coach was waived to.
4. The National Office will copy the District Coach-In-Chief of approved waiver and necessary information for recording purposes.
5. Please note that only the national office can officially grant or deny waivers.
6. No coach can be denied the opportunity to apply for a waiver or discriminate against them for any reason outside of the criteria.
7. District Coaches-In-Chief may suggest certain stipulations and provide pertinent information regarding the waiver when the coach sends the form to the national office.
8. The National Office will evaluate and review each case on an individual basis.
Criteria for Waivers
There are four areas taken into consideration when reviewing a request for a waiver:
1) Education: college degree, state teacher certificate, state coaching license, educational director
2) Playing experience: college, professional, Olympic
3) Coaching experience: years coached, at what level coached; high school, prep school, junior,
college, professional, international
4) Coaching Education Courses: Has the coach attended any coaching education courses? Is the
coach transferring certification from another country?

Temporary Cards
1. The Coach downloads the Temporary Card Form from the website, Click on “Coaches” and then on “Coaching Certification.”  May also be found at in the “Documents” section.
2. The Coach then obtains all signatures required (including the District Coach-in-Chief) on the form. The Coach-in-Chief will mail it either back to the coach or to the National Office. The coach must include the $50 payment when sending the form to the Coach-in-Chief for signing.
3. The National Office will process the card. It can take a minimum of 30 days to process.
Processing includes:

a. Verifying coach’s eligibility
b. Sending money to accounting for proper posting
c. Preparing and sending the card out to the coach
d. Entering information for tracking purposes

4. The National Office will send a weekly report of all temporary cards that were processed to all District Coaches-In-Chief for their records during the months of September-January. A monthly report will be sent during the months of February - August.

Petition For Waiver
Temporary Card Request