The Connecticut Hockey Conference is the governing body for USA Hockey in Connecticut
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Articles of interest and important forms forwarded by Mike Powers, Director of Coaching Education for USA Hockey in Connecticut:

Articles for Parents

7 Habits of Great Hockey Parents
Guidelines for Supportive Parents
Parent Pledge
Parent Letter

Articles for Coaches

20 Years Later
ACE Newsletter - vol 5
Baseball Practice Life
Basic Puck Control
CEP Letter - Annual Congress Report
Character Counts
Coaches Can Shape Young Athletes
Coaching For the Right Reason
Coaching your Kid's Team
Coaching Your Child
Coach Responsibility
Concussion Treatments
Control Freaks
Dynamic Practices
Dynamic Practices Part II
Dynamic Warm-ups

Falling Short
Feedback Traps
Focus On Skating
Forward Stride
Fun And Games
Getting To Know Your Players
Goalies and Refs
It Is Not Rocket Science
Keeping Up With The Times
Mistakes II
My 13 Simple Rules
Player Selection and Tryouts
Rink Positions
Rink Zones
Skill Progression
Sports and Life
Suggested Summer Reading List
Summer For Sale
Teach What You Preach
Team Building
The Coach
The Elm Tree Of Mastery
The Teen Years
The Teen Years Part II
Truth About Scholarships
Unhealthy Obsession
Until It Hurts
Your Expectations of the Coach

Shortchanged And Shortsighted: A Long List Of Problems Can Arise When Coaches Opt To Play A Short Bench


Connecticut Ace Form
Girls Level 4 Coaching Application

Reference Material

A Player & Coaches Guide For the Recognition & Response to Head Injuries Mass Hockey On-line

Word version           .pdf version

Nutrition - Skate Harder and Longer
Word version           .pdf version

Hydration - Sports Drinks & Water - The Human Antifreeze by Mike Powers
Word version           .pdf version

Coahes' Competitive Decision Making: Implications for Player Development by Adam H. Naylor, Ed.D
Word version          .pdf version