The Connecticut Hockey Conference is the governing body for USA Hockey in Connecticut
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Insurance Claim Process

With the new insurance contract now in effect, there are some changes to the accident reporting process and the coverage provided.

When an official receives an injury that requires medical attention, the following procedure needs to be followed


Official's Participant Accident (Excess Medical) Claims

All claims reports should be made to the injured official's primary personal or group health insurance company first, for a determination of possible benefits. Only after the injured official has reported the injury to their primary provider, may they notify their Referee-In-Chief.


Unless they notify the Referee-In-Chief, their claim will not be processed. 


Official's Catastrophic Injury Claims
It is extremely important that anyone knowing of an actual (or possible) catastrophic injury to an official immediately notify the District Risk Manager and the District Referee-in-Chief. The immediate notice helps to ensure a prompt response from USA Hockey, and from our insurance claims personnel, to assist the injured person and their family members, as needed.



What is a Sanctioned Activity ?

A competition, game or event which is sponsored or sanctioned by USA Hockey and includes pre-competition activities and practice sessions which are authorized, organized and supervised by the coach, or an adult designated by the coach, to supervise and coordinate such activities.


The Participant will have the following insurance coverages when participating in a sanctioned event:

• General liability insurance subject to certain exclusions. See your insurance
brochure or district risk manager for more information.

• Catastrophic injury insurance.

• Excess medical accident insurance, subject to policy exclusions and and
applicable deductibles, is provided to all registered members.



  • Assault and battery/fighting
  • Repair or replace pre-existing dentures, fillings, crown.
    Property damage of insured person's glasses, contact lenses, dentures, uniform, helmets, equipment, etc.
  • Illness, disease or any bacterial infection other than a bacterial infection occurring as a consequence of an accidental cut or wound


The $2,000,000 Catastrophic Injury coverage will pay benefits to an eligible, insured person, subject to a $25,000 deductible for losses due to a catastrophic injury and in excess of other valid and collectible insurance in force at the time of the injury.


Provides broad legal liability protection and defenses for USA Hockey and USA Hockey affiliated organizations, their officers, directors, coaches, managers, officials, players, sponsors and volunteers against lawsuits arising due to accidental bodily injury that results from a claim of negligence being brought against them while they were acting within the scope of their responsibilities on behalf of USA Hockey. The policy is written on an “occurrence” form, with a policy limit of $1,000,000 per occurrence and without an general aggregate limit.


The insurance claim form is on the web site in the Important Information section. A direct link to the PDF form is here.