The Connecticut Hockey Conference is the governing body for USA Hockey in Connecticut
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8 and Under Overview Documents and Drills
8 and Under Overview Documents
8 and Under Skills Program Text Handout 8 and Under Skills Video 8 and Under Skills

One Foot "C" Cut
One Foot  Stride Alternate
One Foot Stride
Cross Overs
Hockey Stop
Hop One Foot
Inside Leg Stop
Mogal Ski
Snow Plow
Two Foot Swizzles
Tight Turn Inside Edge
Tight Turn Outside Edge
Tight Turns
V Walk
One Foot Glide
Two Foot Glide
Glide Hop One Foot
Glide Hop Two Feet

Puck Handling
One Hand Carry
Blue Puck
Combo Dribble
Control Stop
Stick Lift
Puck Protection

Passing - Shooting
Forehand Pass
Wrist Shot

D Side Position
Grand Rapids Cross Ice