The Connecticut Hockey Conference is the governing body for USA Hockey in Connecticut
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Program CHC Website Representatives

Each CHC program must choose a CHC Website Representative to be responsible for several key matters, to include updating their program's game schedules on the website. Programs can delegate these responsibilities within their organizations but we will be contacting the Website Rep should we have any questions or concerns.

Each Website Rep is responsible for:

RINK DIRECTIONS: Please contact the CHC Web Mgr to add/update Rink Directions for your program.  Directions should assume travel from the east, west, north and south since your opponents will be coming from all four directions. To save time and avoid interpretation mistakes, please include the entire set of directions when sending the updates. Click on the
Facilities menu item to review your rink directions

LOCAL PROGRAM CONTACT INFORMATION: To ensure timely and essential communications get to the right members of your local programs each program must self-identify on the CONTACTS page within their local League Athletics site the following positions:

• MASTER SCHEDULER – even if you don’t have a master scheduler please select one name from all your schedulers that will take responsibility for getting information regarding scheduling matters out to all your schedulers.
• CHC WEBSITE REPRESENTATIVE – We encourage this person to be the same person responsible for your local site.

TEAM CONTACT INFORMATION: Make sure your local Coach and Team Manager contact information is current. Also list the scheduler for each team. This information will then auto-populate at the CHC site under the Team Contacts heading on the main menu at the CHC site.

HOME GAMES: You should post ALL of your home games to the CHC Website, which is the same as last year. These games will populate your local site once posted to the CHC site. This would include any games prior to the start or after the end of the CHC season. Only those designated as “CHC LEAGUE GAMES” will count for the playoff standings. This includes only Tier 1, 2, 3B designated league games. All other games should be designated at “GAME”. This would include all Open Division games, and any games at Tier 1/2/3 that are not designated league games.

AWAY GAMES: Check to ensure that your opponents have listed all of your Away Games and click on the “ T “ preceding each Away Game once the game has been confirmed by your coach / team mgt. See illustration for reference.

CANCELLATIONS: Be sure to cancel HOME Games in a timely fashion so that opponents can avoid making unnecessary trips to your town. Do not cancel AWAY games. Do not use the website as the primary tool for communicating a last minute cancellations. Please refer to the CHC policies regarding game cancelations

SCORE REPORTING: To ensure timely score reporting either team may enter the results of games. CHC Designated game results should be entered at the CHC site or your local site. All other game results are entered at local sites. Please note: This does not replace the need to send your game sheets to Tournament Directors.

PASSWORD: The Website Rep will be given a password that allows the Rep to update their program information.  The actions taken under a password are auditable. Please distribute the program password only to those who need it.  The program password allows you to:

• Enter Game Results
• Enter/edit Team Alerts
• Create New Events for schedules
• Edit events
• Export event data

The above applies to ALL teams in your program

TIME SAVING SCHEDULE LOADING using the “Schedule Import”.

Mike McCullough will review the Schedule Import process with any program wishing to take advantage of this utility which allow programs to bulk load their CHC Designated Home Game schedules.  Contact   for a sample spreadsheet that can be filled in and emailed back to upload. It's important to use the spreadsheet that Mike sends so that the names for teams and rinks match what's on the CT Hockey website.

QUESTIONS, CONCERNS, COMMENTS, COMPLIEMENTS Do not hesitate to contact us should you have any issues as move forward thru the season

Policy (The Why’s):  

Process (The How’s): 

Technical Concerns with your local site (The Fix's):
Refer to your local League Athletics User's Manual or contact League Athletics directly