The Connecticut Hockey Conference is the governing body for USA Hockey in Connecticut
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This page serves as a means of communicating directly to the CHC member organizations on topics regarding officiating. Issues that are COVID specific are found on the officiating COVID-19 page.


Updated Oct 6, 2021

A Lesson on the Officiating Shortage from Mass Hockey

Oct 6, 2021

Please see this excellent article from Bob Joyce, President of Mass Hockey on the shortage of officials.

We are experiencing our own shortage of officials in CT. This is leading to some games being worked by only one official. That one official will have to make positioning tradeoff choices that they wouldn't have to make when working with a partner.  They might miss some calls. Have patience and understand that 1) the officials are doing their best, and 2) the missed calls are not likely going to impact a player's path to higher levels of hockey. Abusing the officals over the calls may lead to them refusing to work alone - which could cause games to go uncovered and be cancelled. No one wants that.


Relax, It's just a game. - USA Hockey Poster: hockey


Period and penalty durations

Sept 11, 2021

Please find information on CHC period and penalty durations below. 

AGE GROUP                      PERIOD DURATION       MINOR         MAJOR      MISCONDUCT
Youth 10U (all tiers)               12:00             1:00          3:00         6:00

Youth & Girls 12U (all tiers)       15:00             1:30          5:00        10:00
Youth & Girls 14U (all tiers)       16:00             1:30          5:00        10:00
Youth 15Only (all tiers)            17:00             2:00          5:00        10:00
Youth & Girls 16U (all tiers)       17:00             2:00          5:00        10:00
Youth 18U (non-Tier 1)              17:00             2:00          5:00        10:00
Girls 19U (all tiers)               17:00             2:00          5:00        10:00
Youth 18U (Tier 1 only)             20:00             2:00          5:00        10:00

Under new USA Hockey rules, period duration dictates minor penalty duration. The table above implements these rules.

12 min or less    1:00
13-16 min         1:30
17-20 min         2:00

For games played in halves, divide total game time by three to get period length.