The Connecticut Hockey Conference is the governing body for USA Hockey in Connecticut
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June 15, 2020

The governor recently released the reopening guidelines for sports for CT. For ice hockey, teams can start camps, group training, and controlled practices on June 17. Scrimmages, games, and tournaments can start AFTER July 6. For details, please see the Reopen Connecticut: Sector Rules for June 17 Reopen document.


The CHC recently published this additional guidance to member programs.


The State shutdown the rinks/facilities (not CHC, not USA Hockey). The State has provided the process to re-open. Therefore:

  • Rinks/Facilities have 100% control & responsibility for all activities on their properties.  
  • CHC Member Programs/Associations must contact their respective rink management for all questions and guidance regarding COVID policies, procedures, best practices, etc., and what activities the rink/facility will allow.

  • Families/players must contact their CHC Member Program/Association leadership for all questions and guidance regarding rink COVID policies, procedures, best practices, etc., and what activities the rink/facility will allow.

  • The CHC expects that all ice rinks/facilities, leagues and Member Programs/Associations will abide by all mandates and restriction from the State of Connecticut, including those communicated by the Governor through Executive Orders/Sector Rules. CHC cannot respond to each and every instance of an actual or perceived violation, but reaffirms that it does not sanction activities that are conducted contrary to these mandates. Parents should not hesitate to question their local association representatives should they become aware of any activities that may be in violation of any mandate and report any violations of State mandates to the appropriate State Government authorities. The CHC is committed to providing a safe environment for its participants/spectators consistent with all applicable mandates and best practices. 

The onus of understanding how each individual rink's policies and procedures impacts the officials lies with the officials. Some rinks may not have changing rooms and showers available. Some may limit how soon before a game participants can arrive. Some may have mask policies that differ from other rinks. Please check with either the rink or your local officiating organization to determine if there are special policies that will affect how to prepare for a game.