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Wizards Bantam B1 can host this Sunday (10/20) at 5:30PM New Item
by Bill Krueger on 11/9/2019

I have ice and refs...just need an opponent!

I'm looking for a B team who can travel to WOI for a 5:30PM puck drop.

Email me @

Darien Squirt A1(third team) openings New Item
by Michelle Woodward on 10/31/2019

Darien tier 4 team openings











Stamford Mite A - Host 1/26 or Travel 1/12 New Item
by Matthew Tripolitsiotis on 10/21/2019

Stamford Mite A is available to host at TCT 1/26 8:30am or Travel 1/12.

If interested, contact

Yale Squirt A Home ice slot available 11/3 @ 8:20 a.m. New Item
by Gerard O'Connor on 10/21/2019

Yale Squirt A is looking for an opponent for 11/3/19 at 8:20 a.m. Northford Rink. 

Hamden PW A can play 10-26
by John Castiline on 10/18/2019

Hamden PW -A is available to travel on 10-26. Contact me if you're interested.




Southern CT Squirt A '09 team can travel 10/26, 11/17, 2/23
by Amy Burns on 10/18/2019

Southern CT Squirt A '09 can travel 10/26, 11/17, 2/23.  Looking to face strong squirt A/AA teams.



by colleen m estes on 10/18/2019

South Windsor Mite A can host on 10/26 at 9:20am and travel 10/27. Email or text if you are interested. Colleen 508-737-9508

by Kimberly Shepherd on 10/18/2019

The Northeast Huskies Mite B team is looking to fill some openings in our game schedule.


We are available to host on the following dates:

Sat 12/14

Sat 12/28

Sat 1/18

Sun 2/2

Sun 2/23

Sun 3/1

Sun 3/8


We are available to travel on the following dates:

Sat 10/26

Sat 11/16

Sun 12/22

Sun 12/29

Sun 1/12

Sun 1/19

Sat 2/8

Sat 2/29


Contact Coach Kim Shepherd at if interested.


Wonderland U12/PWB1 open home date 11/16, plus other open dates
by Brian Seward on 10/18/2019

Wonderland PWB1 looking for B, A1 games for the following dates. HOME: 11/16, 01/19 AWAY: 12/21, 01/04, 02/08, 02/15. Please contact - I could potentially get home ice for any away dates

New Rochelle PWA (U12)-looking for 11/30, 12/28, 1/19 Away gms
by Claudio on 10/18/2019

New Rochelle Lightning Peewee A (U12)

Can travel:

Please contact Claudio at

Southeastern Bantam B can host 11/2
by Daniel Williamson on 10/17/2019

Southeastern Bantam B and B1 have combined. We can host on 11/2 in Norwich. Please let me know if interested. Contact Dan Williamson -

Ridgefield Bantam A1 (third team) has new dates
by Sam Williams on 10/17/2019

We can host on 10/26 and travel on 10/27. Looking for a C level or very weak B level team. Preference given to CHC teams. If we have a match, call, text, or email me. Sam 203-722-5269

Ridgefield Bantam A1 (third team) has new dates
by Sam Williams on 10/17/2019

We can host 10/26 and are looking to travel on 10/27 and 11/30. We are looking for a C level or very weak B level team. Preferably a CHC team. Call, text, or email me if we have a match. Sam 203-722-5269

Whalers PW B
by Cat Cirillo on 10/17/2019

Whalers PeeWee B has the following availabilty to travel:




Pawling Bantam B can host 10/20
by Elaine Wilson on 10/17/2019

Pawling Bantam B can host this Sunday at noon at Trinity Pawling.

Hawks Midget Blue - Open Dates
by Jason Cerrato on 10/16/2019


 Wallingford Hawks Midget Blue is looking for games 11/9 or 11/10 - Travel



Hamden PW A can play 10-26
by John Castiline on 10/16/2019

Hamden PW A is available to travel on 10-26. Please contact me if you are interested in playing.




Millbrook Bantam A-TB looking for games
by Nicole Hepler on 10/16/2019

Millbrook Bantam A- TB team is looking for competitive games


11/9, 12/14, 2/2 (early only), 2/9, 2/23, 3/1

Host: 1/18 @ 12:15 @ McCann, 2/15 @ 12:15 @ McCann

We will have a few other open slots after the New Year...




CT Riverhawks Bantam A host 10/19
by Scott Hansen on 10/16/2019

Due to a late cancellation, CT Riverhawks Bantam A can host, Saturday 10/19, at 1:15 PM in Shelton. No reciprocal ice needed. Looking for almost any team. Thanks. Contact Coach at (203)640-9951

Darien PWA1- 11/9 opening
by Kristin Reardon on 10/16/2019

Hi All-

We are looking for someone to host us 11/9.

Please contact Kristin at 

Pawling Bantam B can host 11/3
by Elaine Wilson on 10/16/2019

Pawling Bantam B can host on 11/2 at 10:30 at Trinity Pawling

Hawks Mite A Open Dates - Host & Travel
by Jason Cerrato on 10/16/2019


Hawks Mite A has the following Open dates


11/3 - Host 7:50am-8:50 at Northford

11/24 - Travel

12/7 - Travel

12/8 - Travel

1/5 - Host 7:50am-8:50 at Northford

2/9 - Host or Travel

2/15 - Host or Travel


contact -


Enfield Mite A - Looking to Travel
by Colleen Brown on 10/16/2019



The Enfield Mite A team is looking to travel on the following dates.  We are a lower A, and would entertain A, A1, and upper B teams.






We can host in Enfield at 9:20 am on 1/26





Kent Elite 08 AAA looking to travel 10/26
by Julie Fixman on 10/16/2019

Kent Elite 08 AAA looking to travel Saturday 10/26

AAA or strong AA level

Enfield Bantam Full Year can Travel 11/2
by Ken Labak on 10/16/2019

Enfield Bantam Full Year can travel 11/2. Looking for High B/A1 teams who have an open sheet. Please let me know. Thanks

by Jeannine Harrington on 10/16/2019

Due to a cancellation, we are available to play this Sunday 10/20. Reciprocal ice available. 

We are a strong all 2008 team and looking to play another strong team who is A, AA or AAA..


Please contact me if interested to set something up. 

Mighty Mite - Host & Travel Openings - Wallingford Hawks
by Jason Cerrato on 10/16/2019


We have a Mighty Mite team that is basically an elevated in-house/light travel team that is 95% 6 year olds and playing an abbreviated schedule. They are looking for games - and have the following dates available to host - and would be open to light travel if you have ice to reciprocate - for Mite C or In-house teams that would like to try this as well.
They are registered in the CHC scheduling tool as Wallingford 6U
11/2 - host
11/9 - host
11/16 - host
12/14 - host
1/4 - host
1/11- host
1/18 - host

Wizards Squirt B1 game wanted 10/20: This Sunday
by Sharon Henkel on 10/15/2019

Wizards Squirt B1 Team looking for game this Sunday 10/20 - we can host at 2:10pm or we can travel to you.

Putnam Panther Mite B
by Scott Chin on 10/15/2019

Looking to fill available dates:


Home game : 11/3 at Trinity Pawling  Pawling, NY  ( 545PM)


Travel : 12/1, 2/22, 3/1


              *******         MITE MAYHEM JAMBOREE       ********

                                   Location : Trinity Pawling, Pawling , NY

                                    8:00 AM start time

                                    Teams play 4-5 (half) games throughout the Jamboree 

                                    Medals awarded at end of the Jamboree.

                                   Cost : $100/team


      Contact:       Scott (917)848-2691  or     email at  ""







Stamford Sharks PW A Looking to travel 11/2, 12/7 & 2/8
by Michele Pearle on 10/15/2019

Looking to travel 11/2, 12/7 & 2/8. Can host on 2/15.  Please email:

Hawks Bantam A1 Can Host This Saturday
by Jason Cerrato on 10/15/2019


4:00pm ice slot available to host Bantam A1 or B



Yale 14-U 2005 Looking games 11/17 (A) and 12/15 (H)
by Sarah Fraser on 10/15/2019

Yale 14-U 2005AA looking to travel on 11/17, host on 12/15.    Please email

Enfield Squirt C looking for games 12/28, 12/29
by Josh Recker on 10/15/2019

Can travel on Saturday 12/28 and have home ice on Sunday 12/29 at 08:10 am

Southern U18
by Rich Minnix on 10/15/2019

Southern U18 is looking to fill a few more slots.


Email dates if interested.



Yale 08AA Has Ice on Nov 3
by Sean Norton on 10/15/2019

We have an ice slot on Nov 3rd at 12:05 PM at Northford Ice Pavilion.  We are Yales second PW team and expect to be Tier 3.   Thanks


Midget U16 (open) can host 11/9
by Holly Maturo on 10/14/2019

Midget U16 Jr Bulldogs A looking top host a good match-up.

Saturday, November 9 @ 6 pm in Northford

Wizards Mite B open date Sunday 10/20
by Matthew Doran on 10/14/2019

The Wonderland Wizards Mite B Blue team has an open road date this Sunday, 10/20. If anyone has an open home game let us know.


Contact Matt Doran at or 203-212-4192 (cell).



Darien Mite B Blue - home ice Sat Oct 19
by John OBrien on 10/14/2019


Darien Mite B Blue had a late cancellation for this coming weekend.


We have ice time at 8:55am at Stamford Twin Rink on Saturday Oct 19th.

Looking for a good B / low A1 level team.


any one interested, please reach out to me.


John O'Brien

Tel: 203-912-5988

Simsbury PeeWee A Open Dates 2/16,2/29,3/1
by Ann Buckley on 10/14/2019

Simsbury PWA can :

Host 2/16 at 11:15 at Simsbury Farms

Travel 2/29 and 3/1

If interested in setting up a game, please contact Ann Buckley at

Simsbury PeeWee A1 can HOST 2/22
by Ann Buckley on 10/14/2019

Due to a cancellation, Simsbury PWA1 is available to host 2/22 at 9:15 am. Please contact Ann Buckley at if interested.

Scarsdale Bantam B Looking to host Saturday 10/19
by Christopher Pierro on 10/14/2019

Due a cancellation, Scarsdale Bantam B looking to fill a home slot on 11/19 at 8:10pm @WSA. 


Chris Pierro

Darien Mite B Blue - open travel dates
by John OBrien on 10/14/2019


Darien Mite B Blue is available for travel on following dates:


Sat Oct 26

Sun Nov 17

Sun Dec 22

Sat Feb 1

Sun Feb 23


John O'Brien

Tel: 203-912-5988

West Haven Bantam B - Can Host 11/17
by Janice Welch on 10/14/2019

West Haven Bantam B can host on 11/17 @ 3:15pm.

We can also travel on 1/25.

Please contact 

Palisades SQB can travel 10/26
by Peter Clement on 10/12/2019

please contact

Central bantam b needs away game next Saturday 10/19
by Charles Carey on 10/12/2019

Darien PWA1 10/20 host or travel
by Kristin on 10/12/2019

Darien PWA1 can host or travel on 10/20.

Please contact Kristin at

Central T2 U16 Games Wanted (11/1-11/2)
by EDWARD NOVICELLI on 10/12/2019

Stamford Squirt A1 can host 11/16
by Lee Bowbeer on 10/12/2019

Stamford Squirt A1 can host on 11/16 at 6:40pm at Terry Conners Rink in Stamford. Email if interested.

Northeast Mite B looking for Games
by Kimberly Shepherd on 10/11/2019

The Northeast Huskies Mite B team is looking to fill some openings in our game schedule.


We are available to host on the following dates:

Sat 12/14

Sat 12/28

Sat 1/18

Sun 2/2

Sun 2/23

Sun 3/1

Sun 3/8


We are available to travel on the following dates:

Sat 10/26

Sat 11/16

Sun 12/22

Sun 12/29

Sun 1/12

Sun 1/19

Sat 2/8

Sat 2/29


Contact Coach Kim Shepherd at if interested.


Hawks Mite A can host 11/3
by Jason Cerrato on 10/11/2019


 Ice is 7:50-8:50am in Northford - contact

ECHO MITE A Home game needed 12/21
by Zachary Allyn on 10/11/2019

Hello the ECHO Mite A team still has one Saturday left we would love to fill 12/21 @ 11:30, we are open to any A, A1 or B team.


Zach Allyn


Please feel free to call me or email me


DYHA Mite A can travel 11/10
by Peter Franchetti on 10/11/2019



Central PWB open dates
by Brendan Leahy on 10/11/2019

Central PWB looking to travel on 10/19, can host 11/10, 12/7, 1/18


cell: 860-478-4959


Yale 06AA has ice 10/20- looking for game
by Gregory Schroeder on 10/11/2019

Due to a cancellation the Yale 2006AA team has ice on Oct 20th in Northford at 12:05pm



Greater New Haven PeeWee A1
by Nelson Hwang on 10/11/2019

GNH PW A1 is looking to travel on Nov 2.



ECHO Mite B looking to host on 11/23
by Kristen Gordon on 10/10/2019

Mite B team looking to host on 11/23 at 11:30am at Bolton Ice Palace.


Contact Kristen Gordon

Enfield Bantam Full Year--Open Slots
by Ken Labak--EHA on 10/10/2019

Enfield Bantam Full Year looking to fill game slots. Looking for High B/A1 competition. Please contact Ken at  to schedule. Thanks


Can travel: 11/9, 12/22, 2/16

Can host:  11/30 1:30 CYR Arena

Riverhawks Bantam B Full Year Looking To Travel on October 27th
by Mark Torre on 10/10/2019



The CT Riverhawks Bantam B Full Year Team is looking for a TRAVEL game on Sunday, October 27th. 

Please respond to my email address ( or my cell (203-906-4747).


Mark Torre


Stamford Sharks PWB (3rd team) Looking for Games 1/25 & 1/26
by Ryan Dobos on 10/10/2019

The Stamford Sharks Peewee B Team is looking for an away game for 1/25 and a home game for 1/26. Email Ryan Dobos at if interested.

Berkshire Bruins Bantam A host 11/3
by Joe Kotelnicki on 10/10/2019

The Berkshire Bruins Bantam A team is looking to host on 11/3 at 10:00 am due to a schedule change.  The slot is in Pittsfield MA in western MA.  I also have additional slots to include:

12/15 at Williams College in Williamstown MA at 3:15 p.m.

1/26 in Pittsfield MA at 10:00 a.m.

Mite B - Looking for travel game 10/13 (Open host dates avail)
by P.J. Aloi on 10/10/2019

Looking to fill out the following host/travel days. Thanks, -PJ Aloi


Text: 203-530-7669



WH Mite B Host:

Sat, 11/30, 8:00am @ Bennett Rink

Sat, 12/28, 8:30am @ Bennett Rink


WH Mite B Travel:

Sun, 10/13 - This Sunday - please respond asap if have host ice available

Sun, 12/1

Sun, 2/23


Thank you,

-PJ Aloi

Avon PeeWee A1 - Thanksgiving Tournament
by Douglas Ward on 10/10/2019

Avon Thanksgiving Tournament (Nov 29-Dec 1) looking for a PeeWee A1 team. 

Please contact Doug Ward., 860-573-4799.

Western CT Squirt Minor, looking for away games on 11/17 & 11/24
by Nidia Mejias-Nigro on 10/9/2019

Western CT Squirt Minor, looking for away games on 11/17 and 11/24

Simsbury Mite B can host 11/9 @ 5:10pm
by Shane Combres on 10/9/2019



We can host 11/9 at 5:10.  Our Mite B Blue.  With the late game time, maybe the a second game of the day?


CJW 14U-A Looking to Host/Travel
by John Greenwood on 10/9/2019

CJW 14U-A is looking to Host on 11/3 and 3/1. We are also looking to travel on 12/15 and 1/25. Please reach out to John Greenwood if you are available to play those dates.

U10A CT Ice Cats looking for games
by Erin Beach on 10/9/2019

The U10A CT Ice Cats are looking to travel on 11/2 and 11/23.  We are best matched with A1 or stronger B teams. 

Thank you

Erin Beach

MF U14G looking for Bantam games
by Megan Watson on 10/8/2019

Mid Fairfield U14 Girls Major 2 team is looking for additional games this season.

Willing to play no-hit Bantam games A1/B level.

Can host 12/1 2:30 at Trinity, Koeppel Arena

Looking to travel 11/16, 12/7, 12/8

Affordable Ice available for rent!
by Stephen Spooner on 10/8/2019

Rumsey Hall School in Washington CT, has opened the Lufkin Rink here on campus. We have alot of affordable ice for rent.


Great place for clinics, tournaments and neutral site games for teams all over New England and the Tri State

For details and pricing please call Rumsey Hall School (860) 868 0530 ext 140 and ask for Steve.

South Windsor Bantam B 10/12 host
by Scott Winot on 10/8/2019

Opponent canceled. Need to find replacement for this Saturday 10/12 at 1:25

SW PeeWee B available to travel this Sunday 10/13
by Erika Taylor on 10/8/2019

Due to a late cancellation South Windsor PeeWee B is able to travel this Sunday 10/12
please contact

Erika Taylor


Can host 10/13@6:10pm Breswter
by Jacqui MacDonald on 10/8/2019

Brewster Applecore Bantams 06 are looking for games! I do have some home ice to fill. Let me know if interested!

WHYH PWA open travel 10/12,1/11,12/07 host 10/27, 2/9
by john on 10/8/2019

Enfield Bantam Half Year--New Opening
by Ken Labak--EHA on 10/8/2019

The Enfield Bantam Half Year team has a new opening. Looking to get a game in with an A1/A level team on 11/2 540pm in Enfield.


Please click here to book!!

New Rochelle Bantam Looking for Skaters
by Drew Clarke on 10/8/2019

New Rochelle Bantam B is still interested in adding players to the roster. If you are interested please contact Drew Clarke at 


Ridgefield Mite Developmental C Games Available
by Megan Presbrey on 10/8/2019

The Ridgefield Lion Mite C Developmental team is available on these dates...


HOST: 10/12, 10/20, 11/3, 11/9, 11/23, 12/15, 1/12, 1/18, 1/26


TRAVEL: 10/13, 10/19, 10/26, 11/2, 11/16, 12/8, 1/11, 

SW Squirt C looking for Away games Nov 30
by Erika Taylor on 10/8/2019

The South Windsor Squirt C team is looking to travel on  November 30, 2019. Please let us know if you are able to host our team. 

Thank you,


Erika Taylor

Avon Bantam B Available Dates
by Frank Hamer on 10/7/2019

Avon Bantam B Dates













Thank you,

Frank Hamer

ACFYHA Bantam Director

(860) 614-9576

Avon Bantam A Available dates
by Frank Hamer on 10/7/2019

Avon Bantam A(A1 Equivalent) available dates:











Thank you,

Frank Hamer

ACFYHA Bantam Director

(860) 614-9576

Southeastern CT Seahawks looking to travel 10/27 & 12/22
by Katie Discordia on 10/7/2019

Southeastern CT Seahawks are looking to travel 10/27 & 12/22.  Please email Katie at




Midget Team wanted for 10/12 Sat 6pm
by Mike Luzopone on 10/7/2019


The Long Islamd Edge 16U AA team picked up an ice slot at Bklyn Aviator ice Rink on Saturday 10/12 at 6pm. We are looking for any Midget team that would like to play. U can text me at+16464047644 No reciprocal necessary 

       Thanks Mike Luzopone 

Wonderland Wizards SQ AA
by John Caruso on 10/7/2019

We have a last minute opening to Travel----- 10/19 other open travel dates 11/30 Please let me know.

Central Bantan A - open to Travel Oct 12th
by Matt Peary on 10/6/2019

Please email, text or call Matt 860.380.0428.

Northeast SQ A Dates to Fill
by Derek Erismann on 10/6/2019

Looking to fill some dates. We are an A1/high B squad. email


Open Dates

10/20 9:35am @ UCONN

11/19 - travel

12/1 - travel

1/26 9:35am @ UCONN

2/2 - travel

2/9 9:35am @ UCONN

SW Mite A looking for games 11/23, 11/24, 12/1
by Colleen Estes on 10/6/2019

SW Mite A has ice available to host on 11/23 at 9:20am can travel 11/24 and 12/1

We also have ice available to host on 10/26 at 9:20am and travel on 10/27.

Hamden 8UA host 7am Sunday October 13
by Andre Puleo on 10/6/2019

Hi All 


Hamden 8UA Mites can host at Hamden Rink at 7am on Sunday 10/13/2019. 


Let me know if you want to add a game!




Southeastern Bantam B (14U) can host
by Daniel Williamson on 10/6/2019

Southeastern Bantam B (U14) can host on Sunday 11/10 at 12:10pm in Norwich. Please contact Dan Williamson if interested.

Pelham Mite A Can Host
by Scott Givens on 10/6/2019

Pelham's Mite A team can host on any date below, 7:00am @ the Ice Hutch in Mt Vernon, NY





Yale 09AA can TRAVEL
by Christine Gierla on 10/6/2019

Yale 09AA looking to travel



please email me at : 

Western PWA1 looking to travel 10/26
by Jami Cheneski on 10/6/2019


Mamaroneck PW A1 looking to travel 11/2 and 11/10
by Jackie Emmet on 10/5/2019

Mamaroneck PW Cubs looking to travel 11/2/19 and 11/10/19. We can look to find home ice to host late Feb early March. 


Jackie Emmet

by Anthony Serio on 10/4/2019


GNH Warriors Mite B can host 12/8
by Lou Cretella on 10/3/2019

GNH Warriors Mite B team can host in Northford on 12/8 @ 11am.  If interested please email ( or text/call (203-980-2253).  Thanks!

*** Hawks PWA Open Dates - can travel or host 11/10, and 12/7
by Jason Cerrato on 10/3/2019


Hawks PWA can travel or host 11/10, and 12/7



looking for 12U Games
by Sarah Hanna on 10/2/2019

The CT Northern Lights U12 Silver team is looking to fill a few dates.  Best matchup against A1, weaker A or strong B teams.






(we can also travel additional dates depending on ice times)












Please let me know if any dates work.  Thank you.

Sarah Hanna

Stamford Squirt A - 11/10/19 - Can Travel
by Nicholas Vergara on 10/2/2019

Stamford Squirt A can travel 11/10/19 - can contact also looking to obtain open ice 11/10/19 at neutral facility - if known ice is available please let us know and the league will pay for the ice thank you

SW Mite A looking for games 10/26 and 10/27
by Colleen Estes on 10/1/2019

SW Mite A has ice available to host on 10/26 at 9:20am and travel on 10/27. 

SW PeeWee B looking to travel 10/27
by Erika Taylor on 10/1/2019

The South Windsor PeeWee B team is looking to travel on October 27, 2019 . Please let us know if you are able to host our team.

Thank you,


Erika Taylor

Suffolk Selects 16U Red
by Marc Hauptman on 9/30/2019

The Suffolk Selects 16U Red can host on the following:

11/16 8PM @ The Rinx

12/7 8PM @ The Rinx

Please Email Marc Hauptman  (

Western Bantam As looking to travel on 2/8
by Dawn Gorlitsky on 9/28/2019

The Western Jr. Colonials Bantam As are looking to travel on 2/8.  We are unable to reciprocate at this time.

Dawn Gorlitsky, Scheduler


Trinity Ice
by CT Polar Bears on 9/27/2019

Ice slot available for purchase at Trinity College on Sunday, 10/27.

Slot is 9:00 AM - 1:10 PM. Whole block or slots can be purchased. Email 

Ridgefield PW-B looking to travel 10/5, 10/13, 10/19, 11/30
by Jim DOUGHMAN on 9/24/2019

Ridgefield PW-B (4th Team) looking to travel on the following dates:

  • Sat 10/5
  • Sun 10/13
  • Sat 10/19
  • Sat 11/30

Contact Jim Doughman at:
(917) 405-2994 (m)

CJR 2008 open travel dates
by Eric Konzerowsky on 9/24/2019

CJR 2008 can travel Oct 19, Nov 10, 23,  Dec 1 and  Feb 22, 23.  If interested in playing please contact me at




by Steven Rembisz on 9/23/2019

Echo Squirt C has the following dates open to travel;





contact Steve R email,

ECHO Bantam B looking for skaters
by Edward Keleher on 9/22/2019

ECHO Bantam B still has roster spots available for skaters.  Please contact if you are interested.


Sunday East Haven Mite B Open Travel dates
by Jennifer Barrett on 9/22/2019

East Haven Mite B has some open travel dates. Sundays 9/29; 11/10; 11/17; 12/15; 12/29. Please contact Jen Barrett at

Simsbury Bantam A can travel on 11/9
by Kelle Becconsall on 9/19/2019

Simsbury Bantam A can travel on 11/9.  Please contact Kelle Becconsall at

Enfield SQB Games
by Julie Malecki on 9/18/2019

Enfield Squirt B team, matched best with A1 and B teams, is looking for games

10/19 - we can travel

11/2 - we can travel

11/3 - we can host at 4:30p at Cyr Arena


Thank you,


Wonderland Bantam B1 - Adjusting our schedule
by Bill Krueger on 9/18/2019

Looking to make some adjustments to our schedule after seeing our team in action this past weekend. We're looking to be competitive in the lower end of the Bantam division.

I need to travel 10/26, as there's no home ice at Wonderland that date because of a tournament. I am also available to travel 11/9 and 2/8.

I can host 11/2, 11/10, and 12/22.


Simsbury Bantam A can host on Sunday 12/1
by Kelle Becconsall on 9/12/2019

Simsbury Bantam A can host on Sunday, 12/1 at Westminster School at 1:00 PM. Please contact Kelle Becconsall at

Northwest PWA
by Matthew Delmonico on 9/10/2019










Northwest Squirt A-1
by Matthew Delmonico on 9/10/2019













Palisades PW open dates
by Peter Clement on 9/4/2019

Palisades Predators (West Nyack, NY) NL availabilities:










Please contact

Northwestern Bantam B
by Michael Sweet on 9/3/2019

looking to travel on 11/9 and 2/8.  

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